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     Here at Black Rock Farms we strive to breed a better bee. We do not treat our bees for varroa or anything else. Our queen mothers must be gentle, overwinter, and produce honey with minimal intervention.
     Over the years I have acquired permission from property owners within a 1/2 mile and a mile radius of my farm to place drone colonies and saturate the area with my genetics.   
     All queens are allowed to lay for at least 3 weeks after mating so they can be observed for brood pattern, queen cells, and over all colony vitality. This photo is of a young queen's brood at about 3 1/2 weeks after she started laying.
     We have a limited supply of nucs and queens available.  Please call or send a message through the contact link to find out what we have. Pick up only.

    VSH nucs $165.00

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