At black Rock Farms we take pride in bringing you  pure raw honey  from hives that have never been treated with chemicals or pesticides. It makes things a little more difficult , and in the past we have lost quite a few hives over winter.  Through natural selection and purposely breeding for mite resistance our hives are so much stronger for it now.  Studies have shown that  chemicals can build up over the years in the hive wax. We truely believe that in the long run operating chemical free is so much better for the bees, and we get tasty healthy honey as a result.
     A lot of people ask me questions about honey, and I am happy to answer them all. I thought this would be a good place to answer some of the more commonly asked questions th0ugh.

  • How long will honey last?Honey is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal, because of this and the ph of honey it will never spoil. Archeologists have found honey in Egyptian tombs dating back 2000 years, and it was still edible.

  • Why did my honey turn to sugar?     Honey doesn't turn to sugar, it does crystallize though. All pure real honey will crystalize, some types will last longer than others before crystallizing.

  • What do I do when my honey crystallizes?     You really don't have to do anything to it. It is perfectly fine to eat it just the way it is.  Some people like to use it in hot drinks once it  is set or crystallized. This make sit easier to measure spoonfuls.  It also make sit easier to spread on toast  or bread.  You can also sit the container in a hot water bath  and it will return to its liquid state.  Some people heat it in the microwave , but  that destroys all the beneficial things in the honey.

  • Can I give honey to my Child?     Yes, you can give honey to children, but you should NEVER give honey to any child under 1 year of age.

  • Does eating local honey really help with allergies?     Yes it does, and for many different reasons. One of which is that RAW  unpasteurized honey has bits of pollen from the flowers , trees, and weeds that bees collect nectar from.  Over a period of time  consuming honey that was produced  in the area where you live  helps you build a tolerance  towards  the allergens.

  • Is honey good for burns and scrapes?      Yes, honey has been used for thousands of years to treat burns, coughs, and ulcers. It's a natural anti-septic and makes a good salve for burns or wounds. Honey's high sugar content kills many kinds of bacteria, including some types of antibiotic resistance germs. Honey also provides a moist environment that boosts healing and minimizes scarring.

  We have 3 sizes of honey from June forward while supplies last. Other sizes and quantity sizes are available.

12 oz  hex jar*

24 oz pint jar*
48 oz quart jar*

* by weight not volume

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